I'm Almost Happy Here
19. California. Passionate about cannabis. Extract artist. Ice water extracts and BHO. Cultivator. Food enthusiast. Cat lover.
I like nice conversations. 18+ Only


Picked up a 0.8 of some potent shatter for $25 from my boy last night at TGIF20 in Sun Valley, California. The budtender there always hooks me up. 12-26-13

Showing clarity with the lighter as a background light… Dope

A hemp plantation

My matching game: strong.
Aaron Sokol “Art of War” series minitube. Gold Vector Nitro. Gold digger and Mr Bob Dabalina.

I feel dead inside but I guess it’s better to feel dead than nothing at all

I wanted to kill myself since I was a little kid, the difference between you and me is that I fight for what I love. You run from it. 


Hippy style dabbing at Hippy Hill yesterday for 4/20! The homie @bhombing_america ripping my @mrgrayglass had a dope time but it’s safe to say next year I’m going to Denver haha hope everybody else had a good day ✌️✌️✌️ by dabwars http://ift.tt/1r9EUvQ

Where were you guys??? Damnit. 

Boyfriends new Toro and strawberry cough clear wax