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Stopped over at http://runtrees.tumblr.com ‘s place earlier today, actually remembered my camera for once.

Damn that rig is smaller than it looks! so beautiful. Would be stoked to sesh with you guys. 

Methylation of a phenol with dimethyl-sulfate and sodium hydroxide.
The decomposition products of the phenol has a strong brown-red color what causes this black color, but the reaction is going well even since it looks like a large amount of gunk. 
Dimethyl-sulfate ((CH3O)2SO2) is the ester of methanol and sulfuric acid and it is a carcinogen, mutagenic, highly poisonous, corrosive, environmentally hazardous liquid what is a quite well working reagent for methylation. But since it can methylate the DNA when it gets in the body, it could easily cause cancer what is not a really good thing…
But since the sodium hydroxide is used in excess, the dimethyl-sulfate will decompose into relatively safe methanol and sodium-sulfate, so we will survive this reaction unless someone drinks it. 


thank god for dj short


Foods that will help our kidneys

Dab Fairy

I should have gone!! Next time I’m going and we’ll dab fat. 

Trim run.

And last but certainly not least is this beautiful and terpy Royal Haze 😍❤️
Taken by me

HOLY shit so dank. terp city…lol 

What you dabbing on?

looks fuego, wish i was dabbin on some of this rn. 





Girl Scout Cookies Budder

What the fuck is this shit? 😂😂😂😂 Got yourself some #TaneSoup bro! Enjoy that #PoopSoup

Jesus christ salty much? I volunteer at a dispensary and I try EVERYTHING to see what works best for patients I dont just fuck around to get high. I actually test the effects on myself so I don’t recommend something that doesn’t work. So calm down.

I’m calm dude o.o Not to mention I commented on this picture like two weeks ago or something haha. And salty? What would I have to be salty about? I’m salty because you got yourself some poop soup that isn’t good for you AT ALL? Like that makes sense haha. It’s lovely that you work at a clinic, wooo. I work at a smoke shop, wooo. I was commenting on that picture because ANYONE smoking poop soup is bad for them, not because I’m jealous of your poop soup or something 😂😂😂 Anyway sorry I’m allowed to have my opinion on a random picture on this random website on the World Wide Web hahaha and sorry you think anyone would be “salty” over you posting a picture of some poop soup hahaha and I’m sorry me pointing out the fact that you’re smoking something and probably selling something that is not good for your lungs and throat and can make you physically ill lol

Honey no one asked for your opinion on my “poop soup” or whatever you’d like to call it. And your salty attitude is what I’m talking about. Anywho this budder is actually more pure than that shatter you say is “muuuuuuch better”. it’s been purged or whipped longer meaning it has less impurities and honestly in my opinion it has more flavor and a better medicated effect. I won’t lie it’s no crumble and yes there are better shatters out there but fuck I’m here to help people find what works for them and help them medicate in the right way! So just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean you should bash it.

LOL she is so fucking stupid I can’t even…*sees a picture of wax* 'TANE SOUP!!! 'She obviously has never made her own oil. Otherwise she’d understand a little bit more about consistencies. Sugarwax is very common from nugrun. Not like she would know that considering all her information is gathered off the internet.